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And a way out of suffering

The many are hurting. And while I assume that this Earth has ascended to a state where all beings know their value and live harmoniously in a state of love, dignity and abundance in all ways, I choose to communicate to the aspects of Us that still operate in the dimensions of reality where pain, loss, regret and failure continues to dominate experience. I do so that we may all awaken to another possibility, and that we may recognise that another choice is possible.

We can choose to recognise that there are no rules to manifesting and no rules to living. We can choose to recognise the deeper meaning in the claim that no one else matters… that is, no one may matter enough for us to sacrifice our relationship with ourselves.

The message is this:

Don’t wait to love yourself.

You can live your best life right now. Even if you have nothing that you desire. You can live your best life right now even if no one on this Earth loves and sees you for who you truly are–Pure awareness.

Your best life is not a series of manifestations, objects and experiences. All of these things dominate the outer realms of existence, but should in fact not be the material with which you craft your inner life and relationship with yourself.

Your best life is an inside job. Your best life is in fact a relationship. The relationship between yourself and the Self. The greater YOU, with the human you. Your best life happens when harmony pervades your inner experience. Harmony can happen at any time. It is not dependent on any outer condition, nor does it depend on the emotions or feelings that you experience.

Harmony, i.e LOVE is the only thing that matters. Not the manifestations.

But don’t worry. Manifestation is real. Your power is real. But, your manifestation to-do list should not be the reason that you withhold love for yourself right now. If you do withhold love, chances are you will continue to withhold that love until you’ve manifested the next thing, and the next, until days of waiting turn into months and years–and a lifetime of stress, pain and self-loathing.

The reason I don’t spend too much time advocating techniques for instant manifestation is that it isn’t the manifestation that matters when it comes to honoring your time on Earth. The only thing worth honoring is yourself.. your value and beauty as a sentient being with dreams, experiences, feelings, desires, presence, ideas, thoughts, hopes–LIFE.

Your life is worthy and honorable even if you never manifest what you want. I don’t say so to scare you into believing that it is impossible to get what you want. I say so to remind you that the thing you want will never be worth more than YOU. That specific person… that job… the cash… the body… the health… the miracle, all these things that you wish to manifest are bonuses to the real gift that is your life.

Your life is not a list of accessories, belongings or achievements. Your LIFE is unquantifiable, undefinable, immeasurable. It is sacred and unique. It is YOU. Your awareness, your breath and everything that makes up the DNA and experience that is YOU.

The way you love and see. The way you hate and ignore. All of it is so sacred, yet when you experience life from the passenger seat it is so easy to feel burdened and overwhelmed.

Do not lose yourself in your desires. Do not hold yourself emotionally hostage to what you consider to be lacking in your life. Make your decision to come to Earth –this sacrificial gift– a worthy enterprise by softening your attitude towards yourself. Become your own witness. Become sovereign. Be the sacred witness to the life that is YOU.

When you step into sovereignty magic happens. Yet it is important to remember that it’s not the magic that it’s the goal. It’s the sovereignty. The freedom. The YOU, unbound.

This you is currently held behind imaginary bars and the longer YOU have been held hostage the greater the tension you will experience in the process of liberating the Self. But you have to let go. It is the only way to True freedom.

Any other path will lead you only to temporary joys and manifestations.

If you are here it is because you are ready to become Free. You are ready to be sovereign. You long for release and the joy of letting go. And you are willing to choose the pain because you know that it will set you free. But it is scary. I know.

But if you take the plunge and let go you will not regret it.

Still, it’s good if you are prepared because it will be emotional.. especially if you have been resisting yourself and holding on for a while.

Of course, you can assume that it is an easy and effortless process. However, the one thing you can’t do is bypass your emotions. There is no way to bypass yourself. The only way is through.

And you will have to pass through the gates of Sadness. What you feel, you heal. What you intentionally experience, your release from your experience.

It is natural for your system to be flushed with sadness. Even if you have been depressed for years and feel like sadness is the only thing you’ve ever dealt with, there will be stuff that you have attempted to shove away. You’ve probably resisted and judged your sadness and this judgment and resistance is the reason your sadness has never been able to be set free–until now.

You will encounter the sadness that you have been holding at bay and it will be painful. But it is okay. You need to experience this sadness. You need to be overwhelmed. You need to allow the waves to rage and metaphorically drown in despair because you are freeing yourself from infinite experiences of pain and injustice. You are freeing yourself from every filter, program, agreement and rule. You are freeing yourself from victimhood. And you will come to see that even though you have suffered at the hands of others, the true perpetrator was YOU. So you will have to deal with that if you want to be truly free. And in the absence of anyone else to blame, the suffering will be huge. Regret will singe you very being. But it will subside. If you persist and remain loyal to yourself, and your human you will be overwhelmed with love and you will come home within yourself. You will make peace with who you are. It is a promise. Just as it is promised that your greatest heartfelt desires are done from the very first moment that they were born within you.

You must persist in your mission to awaken to the Self.

It is easy to fail others, but it is devastating to fail the Self. It is painful to renounce the sacred mission of being guardian and custodian of the Self. Every moment in which you choose to withhold love from yourself the energy of sadness will be stored within your body for expression at a later date. And most of us have forsaken ourselves for longer than we care to admit, which is why Awakening and coming home can be so painful. There is nowhere to hide in the Truth. The only way is through.

Often when things have been consistently good, your body will begin to release its stored emotions so that you may free yourself forever. But, not knowing that you are in the process of freeing yourself, you might panic and feel confused about why you suddenly feel so much sadness and despair. In a desperate attempt to return to your high, you’ll instinctively want run away from the emotions that are surfacing. You’ll search Google and Youtube for quick fixes, Subliminals, meditations, techniques, substances, distractions and tricks that promise to hack you into your desired, happy reality instantly. Or at least, quickly. If you choose to run away you will remain trapped. Things will never shift. You will continue to loop around in the limbo of your own making.

As long as you choose to run away from the feelings that arise in you, you enforce your self-made prison. This prison is enforced by the limitations and conditions that you have placed on your happiness and on your ability to love and allow yourself.

The anxiety, the knot in your stomach, or chest, or throat… are all emotions that are waiting to be released from your body. They long to be expressed. They long to be freed from their current forms, so that they can be transmuted - through expression - into their true selves: LOVE.

You might believe that manifesting the things you want has nothing to do with love. But it has everything to do with love. Not just with general love. But with the specific and intentional love of the Self. And Self love is pure. It is not narcissistic, or malignant. It is soft, innocent, yielding, commanding, allowing and sovereign. It loves ALL, it includes all. Yet it does not seek to manipulate, dominate, control or gain from anything.

When you CAN’T manifest it doesn’t mean that you are unworthy, nor does it mean that you have been doing things the wrong way. It means that you are still resisting the full expression of yourself. You might be resisting your pain, your darkness, your gifts or your light. You might be refusing to love yourself unconditionally. You might be refusing to extend your love unconditionally. Whatever it is, you are disallowing what naturally desires to flow out of you. And because you have chosen to confine yourself in a self-made prison, your greater Self withholds the very thing that, if manifested, would convince your mind that you should remain within that self-made prison in order to get the things you want.

Your greater Self desires ultimate freedom. Remind yourself of that each time your manifestations go wrong, or just don’t appear at all. It is a sign that you are using that manifestation as a distraction from yourself.

Your greater Self desires and is Ultimate love. And if you manifest out of lovelessness, your mind will be forever trapped in the illusion–the endless loop of wanting things - struggling to manifest them - temporary gratification - then wanting things. Again, and again until one day you collapse, not understanding the cause of your suffering, falling deeply into the darkest nights of the soul when someday, finally, you will choose to awaken or fall.

Since you are reading this it is clear that you have chosen to awaken.

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