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A Promise for when troubles arise

A Promise.

A promise to myself. A promise from God. A promise that no matter what lies before me right now, the fulfillment of my desire awaits me just as surely as my next breath.

It is here - guaranteed for the rest of my life until the day that my human self is no more, and I merge with every known and unknown reality of my creation.

As I stand here seeing opposites, seeing what seems to worsen or over complicate in my circumstances I stop and I decree:

No. This is not my Ultimate Reality.

I know that this is not real and so I do not accept this as real; this shadow; this beast of beasts and horror of horrors that has come to stun me, and that has caused stress to seep into cells, heart rate and muscles. No - this is not real. No matter what it looks like, no matter how big it gets; this is not my final destination.

In The Awakened Imagination & The Search Neville Goddard asserts:

“Man’s ability to identify himself with his aim, though reason and his senses deny it, is proof of the birth of Christ in him. To passively surrender to appearances and bow before the evidence of facts is to confess that Christ is not yet born in you.”

I refuse to passively surrender even when my lungs seem to shrink under the pressure, I guide my body to breathe deeper. And as my posture contracts, I guide my body to move backwards, outwards; to open up in all directions and I know - despite all that my senses are telling me - that this is not my final destination.. that a solution will arise. That money will come.. not just in some droplets here, or there.. but in large, copious, superfluous amounts.. so much so that I will not have a care in the world - not for myself or my loved ones, or in fact anything that matters to me at all.

I know that everything will be okay! Everything will work out! Everything ALWAYS works out for me! Everything I want is always in the process of becoming more and more visible and solid in my world. All my desires are always here, growing in size and in number, growing in the ways in which I can enjoy them.

Abundance and freedom are mine. Even though I don’t know how from where I stand - but this is my decree. My choice. My decision. I will not have this - this ‘issue’ - as my final product.

My life matters too much for me to continue to play that game. Somehow a cloak of invisibility lies over the reality that calls out to me to trust her, to believe her into being, to persist her into being. So persist I must - even though things seem so much worse. It is a shadow. Not real… not real.

I choose to persist and to take comfort as Neville says:

What a comfort it is to know that all that I experience is the result of my own standard of beliefs; that I am the center of my own web of circumstances and that as I change, so must my outer world!” - The Awakened Imagination & The Search

In the article Ignoring the World of Shadows Jennifer Ramdeo writes:

‘It takes a certain boldness to no longer settle for what the shadows show you. To look beyond the seemingly “bad”, even if the odds are against what the senses, so seemingly solid, show you. Close your eyes to this shadow world, and unify yourself with God. Go within and peer into your Father’s gift to you, where your desires become more alive than the ground you walk on. Defeat is acknowledging a false perception of who you are, and the world. It’s the judgement of appearances, and accepting anything less than the only truth.’

So how bold can I be now that the shadows test me so? How do I look beyond the bad, despite it feeling impossibly insurmountable and irrectifiable?

I cannot accept defeat because I will no longer ascribe to the false perception of who I am. I will no longer be small. I will no longer live the life of the coward, I must live like a hero. Like the warrior who sees beyond the deadly threat before me. Like the one who has chosen truth over victimhood - no matter what. So help me God, if it comes to it I’d rather die than live this half life of sacrifice and imperfections.

Why should I accept anything less than the only truth when I know that this truth is FREEDOM beyond form and freedom in every form? Why would I willingly enslave myself to anything other than that beautiful, sweet fruit of freedom - the promise that we have been fed since childhood - the promised reward for good behaviour, goodness and purity; the promise of heaven, joy and bounty?

I will cash in right now. There is no need to wait for yet another tomorrow.

I see and understand that my senses are trapped in the thick blanket of illusion that has threatened to enslave me my entire life - the same illusion that I have “seen” in the world outside me in the struggles of others, and in the struggles of my own life. But why - knowing what I know - should I continue to renounce my throne in God’s kingdom of Heaven?

I see and understand where I am right now. I am at an unreal destination. A trap created both by my egoic mind - otherwise known as fear- and my higher mind, also known as God. My Godself has created this illusion in order that I wake up and learn through direct experience that all things are possible and that MAGIC - the blissful experience of miracles - is real and here for me right now. And while my human self is in great pain because of fear, stress and worry, I am simultaneously dismantling myself. Dismantling reality. Removing my virtual reality headset even though the picture has not yet seemed to change. By dismantling my senses and “losing my mind” I die to this world of form to emerge fully into the other - the REAL world: Heaven on Earth.

It is my will. It is a choice. And it is what I am choosing right now no matter what.

And so I seek respite in Truth. And truth attempts to awaken me through the voices of the so-called others that I have come to recognise as myself:

In Ignoring the World of Shadows Jennifer Ramdeo reminds me, you - us:

“Do not be discouraged when something goes opposite … because there is no truth that is alive, other than the existence of your desires [...] Things not going your way, is not an opportunity to revert back to your old way of thinking. Or to question the workings of your desires. It is to look beyond the senses, and see what your mortal eyes could never show you. That beyond the unlovely circumstances, not far, but near, are exactly what you desire. It is never the shadows that determine anything, it is your reaction and perception of it, that determine how things will play out next.”

And in When Things Seem to Get Worse:

“If you are truly living in the end […] then no matter what you come across, you will remain unmoved. Start to see everything that comes your way as a part of the bridge of events. Don’t go into panic mode and start reacting. Smile at your world of shadows because these seemingly negative things are actually perfect in its likeness. After all, isn’t it those same negative things that brought you to these wonderful teachings? It’s what needed to occur to help you become aware of who you really are.”-Jen Ramdeo.

Remaining unmoved may not mean that I have no emotions. It means that I remain unmoved in my persistence, commitment and loyalty to my desire; loyalty to myself.

It means that I allow myself as I am, because I am fulfilled by the truth of the promise that awaits me. I know that putting one step in front of the other will get me out of The Room of a Thousand Demons- out of this maze of illusions- even when I’m ensnared by a false paralysis and seemingly hopeless circumstances.

Remaining unmoved means seeing through the illusion that an outside force is exerting its punishment or fury upon me in the form of unfavourable circumstances. It is: accepting and recognising that whatever is going on right now is actually my own self - my God self - guiding my little self (my human self) to awaken to who I really am - awaken to my own immense and magnificent power.

I am reminded:

“Nothing is set in stone, ever [...] So never take cues from your external world, unless it has conformed to your desire being expressed - fully and completely.” - Jen Ramdeo, When Things Seem to Get Worse

And so I decree that this certainly isn’t the final product. This difficulty is not real. This is not my reality; not my End.

I rest in the promise reiterated here:

“If you start to assume that everything that happens to you is actually leading you to what you want, you will start to see evidence of this in your external world. You are God, the creator of all. You need to start viewing yourself AS God, rather than A God. This is your reality and your universe, and you are the only one that gets a say on how things work. No one else. You have complete dominion over absolutely everything and everyone. Every animate and inanimate object. No exceptions, no matter how solid it seems.” - Jen Ramdeo, When Things Seem to Get Worse

I choose the Promise over the illusion again and again. No matter what and I know that by doing so I am passing the ‘test’ and that my circumstances will change magically to give me exactly what I want and even more.

“Through imagination, we disarm and transform the violence of the world.” - Neville Goddard, The Awakened Imagination & The Search

What does this even mean? What is violence? It is anything that brings us suffering, or causes us distress. Violence is everything that is not in compliance with our highest ideals for our reality. Violence is everything from distressing finances, health and relationships to the words and feelings that we ascribe the identity of ourselves. Simply by using our imagination we can end all violence and us Neville puts it:

“We must go on imagining better than the best we know”.

So, here I am immersed into a very unpleasant world of shadows yet I know that:

“An assumption, though false, if persisted in, will harden into fact, that continuous imagination is sufficient for all things”

And so despite the cold chills, despite the pile of bills, despite every inclination to give up I must persist. No matter how false it feels and it will harden into fact.

“Truth depends upon the intensity of the imagination, not upon external facts. Facts are the fruit bearing witness of the use or misuse of the imagination.
Man becomes what he imagines. He has a self-determined history. Imagination is the way, the truth, the life revealed. We cannot get hold of truth with the logical mind. Where the natural man of sense sees a bud, imagination sees a rose full-blown. Truth cannot be encompassed by facts. As we awaken to the imaginative life, we discover that to imagine a thing is to make it so, that a true judgment need not conform to the external reality to which it relates.
The imaginative man does not deny the reality of the sensuous outer world of Becoming, but he knows that it is the inner world of continuous Imagination that is the force by which the sensuous outer world of Becoming is brought to pass. He sees the outer world and all its happenings as projections of the inner world of Imagination. To him, everything is a manifestation of the mental activity which goes on in man’s imagination, without the sensuous reasonable man being aware of it.” - Neville Goddard, The Awakened Imagination & The Search

So, what do you decree? What do you allow to take charge over your reality? So what things are difficult right now, can you persevere regardless to bring the future that you see before you into the right here and right now? What do you commit to today? We can do it together.

If you find yourself trapped in the room of a thousand demons (confounded by oppositional circumstances) affirm:




  4. I know where I’m going and this (current circumstance) is NOT it!

  5. Thank you!

Persist, persist, persist!

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