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Heal yourself and 'others' –Changing the current picture of reality from a state of Coherence

What if there is an easy way to dismantle the self-inforced prison of beliefs, rules and requirements that you have subconsciously placed on yourself that stop you from fulfilling higher possibilities and realities? What if this is the easiest way to heal yourself and your relationships with others? “Stop trying to change the world since it is only the mirror. Man’s attempt to change the world by force is as fruitless as breaking a mirror in the hope of changing his face. Leave the mirror and change your face. Leave the world alone and change your conceptions of yourself. The reflection then will be satisfactory.” –Neville Goddard In my own life, and let me say that I was one who spent countless thousands in every currency on personal development ‘cures’ while holding on to my rejection of myself (i.e the pain that I felt), I have found that the only true relief I ever found was when I decided to make peace with myself, utterly and unconditionally. I reached a point where nothing, not even getting what I want was more important than making peace with myself. The quest to create a perfect reality had led to force and denial. And I wanted nothing more than peace. The holy grail of existence. This meant the conscious ending of forcing, trying, suppressing and denying. And the conscious process of allowing it all.

A paradox arose: When I forced, I accepted that I was forcing, and I allowed the energy to move through me until its' intensity dwindled away into nothingness. I did this with every emotion. I resisted the urge to resist but accepted the fact that I was resisting, and allowed resistance to move through me until its' intensity also dwindled away and was gone. And in the vacuums created by the healing of emotions, through allowing, my true self was allowed to rise to the center of my awareness. The true self feels like space, like love, like cozy wellbeing, and joy, and possibilities. Basically, it feels like a big warm smile coming from within. This is who we truly are. All of us. No matter what we have experienced in life. After a long long while of darkness, falling into deeper and deeper depths of ultimate despair, my egoic mind finally broke.

It said: “Hey, there spirit. You know what, I should never have run this show. I just got so excited when I was handed all the power… I wanted to do great things for my human… protect her from this hellish reality… but now, my human is dying from within. I can’t get us out of this mess. I’ve tried everything I can think of. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with anything that you’ve thrown at our Human. It sucks. But, we need to save her. I’m willing to die for her… I know it won’t be easy. So please, don’t let me die alone. I need you to guide the spirits of pain back home. All the things that I tried to lock into the basement need to be set free. They are weighing our Human down so much that she cannot breathe. I’m willing to come back home to you, spirit. I’m letting go.”

You see, it is your egoic mind that judges all the so-called imperfections of yourself and your life. The egoic mind attacks the world of circumstances and so-called ‘others.' It is not You, but it is part of you. It is the structure that was created in the denseness of 3D reality in order to ensure your survival. Basically, it is your avatar, in this game we call life.

When my entire being decided that it was time to end the inner war (i.e. stop resisting myself and my imperfect emotions) and outer war (stop resisting imperfect circumstances in all their forms: relationships, health, love, money, life on Earth - everything- no matter the circumstances), I knew that releasing my frantic hold on reality was the only way that I could finally allow myself to exist the way I am. The only way to find peace. And, unless your end goal is very different from mine, the only way to true peace for you will most probably be similar. A journey of radical self-acceptance, no matter the cost or circumstances.

To truly heal is to go through the tunnel of despair, not by building a bridge above it and trespassing it. We heal by acknowledging that the feeling is there and then allowing the self to feel the release of every suppressed emotion. When we feel so deeply it can feel as if it will utterly destroy us and shatter us into a million pieces. And as we heal we go through all the stages of grief rapidly: Denial, Anger Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.

When we decide to allow ourselves to feel, with no resistance, we purge completely. And, we actually die an inner death. The energy that was once trapped has now returned to the infinite stillness that we know as God, Source, and Love.

Resistance is useless. Resistance to being and feeling all of ourselves only causes more suffering, and while the suffering is a gift meant to awaken us from the illusion there is no need to suffer endlessly when the solution is so simple as making peace with yourself, your experiences, and emotions. The day you truly gain freedom is the day you fully proclaim that you will never again allow an outer circumstance, person, or thing to gain so much authority over you that you resist yourself.

This is the day that your peace with yourself is unconditional. It does not mean that you cease being human. You are still human, and you still have a healthy ego. But the egoic mind will now be a passenger and not the master of your life. You, the true you–Godself–are now the sovereign of your destiny, and as sovereign master of your reality, you can move freely within the web of infinite possibilities (i.e realities) and peacefully select the one you most wish to experience. This selection is graceful, soft, steady and yielding. Like water. For you know that everything is part of you and so belongs to you, and you feel safe in the active knowing that everything is working out in the most splendid way for you because you are at peace with yourself, and so all around you you find peace.

Reality is not carved into stone. It is not fixed. It is not even physical. It is the endless possibility of the infinite mind that we call God, Universe or the I AM. We can translate this as a huge wide spider's web, with infinite endless strings. Each string is a new reality (another possibility). The string exists in you, for you are all things. And so every reality is accessible from a state of peace. It is when your ego tries to be Mr. Avenger that you fall ‘out’ of consciousness and back into sleep. Yet, you can always choose to remain awake by remaining present. By yielding like water to your experiences, and feeling them fully, knowing that there can be no wrong for IT IS DONE. It has always been so. And as soon as the decision is made, affirmed, and reaffirmed.. life shows you just that; It is Done. The entirety of life is on your infinite side.

The process of feeling will continue for a while. In fact, it continues for the rest of our lives, for as long as we are in human bodies we will always be processing human emotions. The purpose of making peace with the self is not to eradicate the human, but to be divine embodied human–the Godself made manifest into 3D reality.

It becomes so easy to choose the picture of reality that you most prefer from the state of inner stillness (peace, Godself). So many words to explain the same thing because the egoic mind likes to trip over words and circumstances. It likes to dissect and direct. It loves to overcomplicate. To be honest, who doesn’t love being the boss? To be really honest, no one does. This is why the egoic mind stole the show in the first place. Spirit just is. The Godself just is. The only agenda is no agenda other than experiencing life itself.

So, to heal your relationship with life, you must heal yourself. Healing yourself means to rest in peace and make peace with the self. Healing yourself means acknowledging that nothing is wrong with you. The pain you were feeling, was the pain caused by the egoic mind’s quest to eradicate all threats and imperfections. It came from resistance to WHAT IS. The present moment.

Healing your relationship with others is making peace with yourself. Once you reclaim sovereignty, you know that there is no ‘other,’ you can forgive and release others from the picture that you hold of them as being ‘imperfect.’ It is all one so how can they be anything other than the same light that you are. See the truth of who they are into being, by choosing to see it as true. See the truth of who they are. They are love. Just as you are. See the truth that is available to them as individuals and humans. See it into being. Make the decision to love unconditionally for the truth of who you are. Yet, allow yourself to set boundaries. Allow yourself to express yourself, for you are your Human self's protector and caregiver. As I am mine, and I will never abandon her. Not for anyone, or anything. My loyalty is towards myself–always.

“Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. Do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself and they will confirm the change.” – Neville Goddard

It is this commitment to self that opens the infinite possibilities and realities that have always been in existence. Only it takes is a decision and the inner direction by which you assume and choose something to be true. This means that you emotionally embody this truth by making peace with the self. For in the ultimate and most high reality who are you, if not the one who is at peace with yourself, and the whole wide world as a result? Rest secure in the knowing that it is Done. Boldly assume this fact even though the outside might not have caught up to the truth that you feel within you.

There is no need for any other technique other than inwardly resting in this knowing, or 'picture' that you have selected for yourself. Do not let the 'absence' of the picture in materialised form stop you from maintaining peace with yourself. Remember that your number one goal is peace, all else is a bonus that comes from the join of living as a divine embodied human being.

With love,


“An awakened imagination works with a purpose. It creates and conserves the desirable, and transforms or destroys the undesirable.” ― Neville Goddard